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Welcome    to    the    Chicago    Bar    None    ReUnion    2000

Here are the pics, you've all been waiting for...

  Kat and Mouse

   Amanda, Jem, Mouse & Crash


  Pipefighter, Electric Knight, Michigan Rose, DragonSlayer, & Athena

    Athena, Babbs, Pipefighter

   DragonSlayer, H Mouse, Amanda

  kat, Gav Man,Scott(?), H Mouse

  Michigan Rose, DragonSlayer, Athena

   Michigan Rose, DragonSlayer, Athena

  Michigan Rose, kat, H Mouse, Athena

  Athena, Michigan Rose, Ted E B, Scott

  Ted E B, Athena

  Randy, better known as @sshole


  Gav Man, Scott, Athena

   Gav Man

   Ted E B

   Gav Man, Amanda, Scott


  Gav Man, Michigan Rose, Ted E B

  Drinking for England 1

  Drinking for England 2

  Drinking for England 3

Shooting    the    Moon

  New Moon Phase Begins

  Quarter Moon

  Half Moon

  Full Moon

  Final Moon Phase Ends ...heeheehee

  Gav Man and H Mouse

  Scott, kat, Gav Man, H Mouse


  Jem, Crash, Amanda

  Jem & Crash


  The Group

  Group 3

  Jem, Crash, Amanda

  H Mouse

  The Bar None Gang

  Electric Knight and Amanda meet Spike

  Gav Man, Crash, Jem, DragonSlayer

  Let the feast begin!

  More of the Gang


  Athena, Michigan Rose

  Babbs, H Mouse, Amanda, @sshole

Later that night

  Athena doing her Tshirt


  Athena, Michigan Rose (WHAT???)

  Zoey, DragonSlayer, Gav Man, kat

  DragonSlayer, Gav Man, kat