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Bar None ReUnion Chicago 2000

FRONT: GavMan, Athena, Michigan Rose
2nd ROW: SrRandall, DragonSlayer, Jem, Amanda, Hmouse,Doug, Babbs
BACK: Ted E B, Crash, Scott, Electric Knight, Pipefighter

Kat and Mouse

Hard at work on her t-shirt signing!

Athena and Michigan Rose
or was it Michian Rose at that point? LOL
pssssst...that's Pipefighter in the background

Babbs, Hmouse and Amanda.... and some of SrRandall
Why we're looking at his stomach, is beyond me!!!

Athena.... aren't you done with that t-shirt yet?

GavMan, Crash, Jem

Still hard at work on them t-shirts!

Michigan Rose.... WHAT??????

DragonSlayer, GavMan, kat

DragonSlayer, Gav Man, kat
Taken by Ted E B over Michigan Roses head

Electric Knight and Amanda getting to know Spike

Let the Feast begin!!

GavMan, Crash, Jem and DragonSlayer

There are still way more pics to come!! Wanted to get as many as I could up from our digital camera. Hope you Enjoyed them. We sure enjoyed taking them.