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On   our   way   to   Bettendorf,   Iowa

                            Pit stop at Rock Falls, Illinois

                            Logan shelter, Rock Falls, Illinois

                            Kit waiting patiently,Rock Falls, Illinois

                            A home in Bettendorf, Iowa

At   the   church

                             Jerry, Michelle, Gabe, Roxanne, Jesse
                                               What is it exactly that Jerry is doing?

                             The Altar

                             Fixing the flowers for the Bride


                             Jennifer and her Bridesmaids

                             Jennifer and her Flowergirl

                             Jennifer and her Ringbearer

                             Jennifer and her Ringbearer

                             1965 Cadillac Limo

                             Tiny bubbles

                             Bubbles...look real hard you'll see the Bride and                                                Groom

                             Bride and Groom headed to the Limo

                             Bride and Groom at the Limo

Photos   at   the   Church

                             Steve, Jennifer, Gabe and Roxanne
                                               Groom's parents

                             Jennifer & Gabriel
                                               Sitting down on the job

                             The Wedding Party

                             The Wedding Party

                             The Wedding Party

                             The Wedding Party

The   Reception,   at   the   Lady   Luck   Casino   Convention   Center   and   Hotel

                             Lenny and Kit

                             Mary & Don Shores

                             The Wedding Cake

                             Michael, the photographer

                             Cutting the cake

                             Cutting the cake

                             Eating the cake

                             Fuzz & Michelle

                             Fuzz & Michelle