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kat   and   Ted   E   B  

Waiting for the Justice of the Peace

Ted E B and kat's wedding day..1985

Ted E B and kat, Christmas of '91

Ted E B and kat renew their vows

Ted E B and kat ... after the service

In the limo after the service

Art creation for our renewal done by DRAGONSLAYER

Ted E B meets Elvis in Vegas

Ted E B and kat, during Winter Olympics at Larry and Ramona's

kat and Ted E B at his father's wedding


Zoey83 and Beavis a few years ago....

Our brother Ray, kat, DRAGONSLAYER, and cousin Leslie Gayle

Our Dad


SrRandall and DRAGONSLAYER as Alice in Wonderland and the White Rabbit ... Halloween

DRAGONSLAYER as Alice in Wonderland ... Halloween

SrRandall and DRAGONSLAYER ... Proud New Grandparents



DRAGONSLAYER with my buddy Spike

Proud Aunt kat with Brendan

Proud Uncle Ted E B with Brendan, on his first day

Ted E B, Zoey, and Beavis

Brendan in his play seat

Think your house looks clean? Have a baby and change all that... Brendan up to no good!

SrRandall ... He cleans up nice, doesn't he?

Zoey...a real heartbreaker!


Friend Becky, Danny Bonaduce, and Ted E B in Las Vegas

Ted E B, kat, and friend Bob at Olympics in Wheaton

Larry, Ted E B and Ricky in Las Vegas

DRAGONSLAYER, SrRandall, Lestat, BriteQQ's, kat and Ted E B
Halloween 1997

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