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to my piece of heaven...

This page had originally started as a
way to locate others which had served
with my Brother in Vietnam.

I have gotten away from that

These pages will be under construction
so that I am able to get back to the
original goal of this page.

Thank you for your patience.

My brother enlisted in the Army
and began his Boot Camp
at Fort Story, Virginia.

He then served in Vietnam, and

I hope that these pages do him justice.

I am very interested in hearing from
all others which served with the
165th Transportation Company.
I have been very fortunate
having found 2 that served
in this unit at the same time
as Ray.

My Brothers name is
Ray H. Baity III

If you served with him,
or knew him...please
drop me a line

My Brother
Ray H. Baity III

Adopted P.O.W.
Raymond George Czerwiec

Writings and Rantings
Ray H. Baity & kat


Dedicated to
All who Served



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