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Links   to   foods,   supplies,   toys   for   your   pets

As you all know by now, I love pets....
On this page, I will bring you links about different foods, toys, and supplies, which we carry at Pet Supplies "Plus", which is where I work...

Sit back and enjoy the links....

Dog Food and Supplies Links

The Iams Company Home Page
Iams dog and cat foods
Heinz Pet Products
A site devoted to enhancing the quality of Life for you and your pet
Hartz Mountain
Every Pets Best Friend
Waltham world of Pet Care
Akpharma Inc.
From the makers of Catsip, Curtail and beano
Lambert Kay
Welcome to Lambert Kay, Div. of Carter-Wallace, Inc.
Oinkers Pet Treats
Merrick Pet Delicatessin
Wayne Premium Pet Foods
Cycle Dog Food-Custom Fitness Dog...
Food formula's that take into account your dogs changing needs
Purina Pet Care Center
Milkbone Biscuits
Welcome to Milk Bone-"The Best Way To Love Your Dog"
TFH / Nylabone
TFH Publications/Nylabone Products
Dogloo-An Active Imagination
Sherpa-The Sherpa Bag
Lost Paws, Ltd.
Lost Paws ID tags
Doggie Dooley
Doggie Dooley-Home Page of the original Doggie Dooley
Farnham Products, the makers of Bio Spot...
Innotek Pet Products, Inc.
Radio Fence
Radio Fence - Underground Pet Fencing

Cat Foods, Supplies, and Toys Links

Sheba-Welcome to te Sheba Web Site
Ralston Purina Company
The Ralston Purina Company, Dog and cat foods
Sensible Choice Pet foods
Just naturally better for your pet
Hills Science Diet
Science Diet Cat/Dog foods, plus Pets of the Month, crosswords, and cartoons
Cats Eye View
Welcome to your on-line feline info & Kitty care center...Brought to you by Johnny Cat, Ever Clean, Scoop Away & Cybercat
Cat Dancer Products
Safety and Your Pet

Bird & Small Animal Links for Foods & Supplies

Welcome to the World of Kaytee
Rolf C. Hagen
Hagen Agricultural Research Institute

Fish & Reptiles Foods & Supplies

Nedstat Counter
Welcome to Tetra
Welcome to the Electronic home of Kordon
Nippon Goldfish Co.-Fish Products
Aquarium Systems
Aquarium Systems - Products for Saltwater/Freshwater/Reef/Reptile


Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter