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This page may get a little to up close and personal for some people..... and for those that some of the links found on this page may offend.... I can only say that this is who I am.... what I like to do... a big part of me.... and I will NOT apologize for who or what I am to anyone..... I am who I am....TAKE ME OR LEAVE ME!!
Links will deal mostly with places out East, where I grew up... personal, and knowledge, that I feel others should make a point of learning about.....for many reasons...
1.) I hate stupidity
2.) Ignorance is a terrible thing to cling to
3.) You came to this page, so obviously you wanted to find out what makes me tic.... so here goes


Me.... doing what I love best!

Hi! For those that know me from the chat room Bar None in know me as kat (the one and only original) or from the Park as bi-butterfly. My name is Kit. I am 43, soon to be 44, come March 18th. Am lucky enough to have my birthday one day before my husband's.....that way I don't forget when his is.....(I'm lousy with dates). June of 99, we will have been married 14 years. :^)

I work for Pet Supplies "Plus", in Wheaton. The store that I was at previously, in Hanover Park, was closed before Christmas. And I was transferred to their Villa Park location, and just recently re-promoted to Store Manager.

I have many likes and dislikes in my life. I have been told that I am very opinionated and outspoken....frankly, I don't see it, "LMAO".

I have worked in retail, almost all my adult life (since Freshman year at high school) and love the people. Not only the customer contact on a daily basis, but also for the most part, the people that I have had the opportunity to work with.

My beliefs that I have, I hold dear to my heart and would fight to the death for, I hold them that dear. I have very strong convictions.

I believe the Constitution, when it reads, "All men are created equal". It doesn't matter that they are white, black, purple, heterosexual, homosexual, homophobic.....whatever! We are all people on this earth, and are EQUAL!

As I said earlier....I hate stupidity. Things have happened, in my life, with members of my family, and myself, which mold my beliefs. As they do with everyone. And because of whom these events/things have happened to, and how, it has molded how strongly I feel about them.

A for instance. I have been raped. My belief stands, that no person (man or woman) deserves, or "asks for it". I don't care if it is a one deserves to be treated that way. In my opinion, rapists should be made known to the communities in which they live. It is not fair, to allow an individual which has done this act to another, to walk free, as tho nothing happened. No matter how long ago. Everyone has the right to know that a potential problem exists within their community.
I also think that all rapists and sex offenders should be castrated. #1. It would make others think about the consequences before they even considered doing such an act. #2. They say in studies, that in those castrated, there is a hormone, which is not released into the system, this hormone supposedly makes an indiviual want to do this becomes stopped or slowed with castration.

I lost a cousin to Aids. Aids awareness is something that should be made mandatory in the public schools. It is the responsibility of everyone to be aware of how it is transmitted, and how to avoid risk. NO it is not enough to assume that it only happens to gays, or would never happen to me. Because it can happen to you, to anyone. And with the blind eye that Aids strikes, it can happen to you! Lets educate the youth of today in how to safe guard themselves from a deadly and blind disease.

I believe all people are equal. As I said earlier......all includes .... gays, blacks, whites, bi's, straights, all creeds, colors, ethnicities, sexes, religions and beliefs. I am bi and can only imagine slightly some of the pain and grief that homosexuals go through on a daily basis, because someone believes that because of their sexuality that they are garbage. That wrong...wrong..WRONG ... WRONG ... WRONG We are all people, put on this earth. We should learn to start living as such. Treat all others with respect and love.

I believe in capital punishment.
It is my belief that when someone takes away anothers life....that life which has been destroyed, should account for something. I do not believe that I life taken is only worth 5 to 30 years. You take a life you should lose a life. If you have that little respect for life to take anothers, you should also lose yours. Otherwise, what deterent is there to keep someone from killing another, when you know you'll be back out on the streets in another 10 to 20 years? There is none. And all to many times, if given the death penalty, they sit on Death Row all to long going through every appeal in the book. And even some that aren't in the book.

I believe the court system has given criminals to many rights...
I feel very strongly that when you commit a crime, you should be punished. All to often, when someone goes to prison, they are rewarded for doing a crime. They are allowed tv's, stereo's, all kinds of things that they may not have had on the streets. If you commit a crime, I feel that you should lose your rights. And as for, "well than all men aren't created equal than" ....yes they are....if any man commits a crime, and than goes to prison, they than have lost the right to have rights." That policy should be the same for each and every person that commits a crime. No courtesies or special treatment, because they have money, are a politician, or because of the color of their skin. It is time that all prisoners are treated equally as well.... A crime, is a matter who commits it. It is still a crime!

I believe in televised executions
Think about it. How many executions have you heard about in your lifetime. Not many! Meanwhile, a prisoner that has been sentenced to death, sits on death row. Knowing of all the appeals he/she is entitled to, because its their right! And our tax dollars go to support them. I'm sorry, but why am I helping to feed and clothe someone that is sentenced to die? And for how many years? Look how long it took to execute John Wayne Gacy. If you were to televise the executions, the public would not only become immune to it.....but the criminals would also know that they aren't going to sit on the row, year after year, praying for a stay of execution. They would know that when sentenced to die, they will die! Sounds like a good deterent to me!

I believe in paying our educators, and protective services.....what they are worth....alot!
Think about it. You are paying someone to educate your children. Aren't they worth more money? If they aren't, than they probably aren't a good teacher, and shouldn't make the money they do. But if they are a teacher that makes the children want to learn, and they are truely good teachers, I believe that they deserve more money. This is today's youth that we're talking about here! I'll be honest with you. I know alot of kids, that it scares me to death to think that they are going to run this world when I am gone. Alot of them can't spell, or write. And you wonder about the teachers of those children. If they graduate, and can't even spell, something is drastically wrong with your school system. Get the teachers that want to teach, and pay them what they are worth. It's a big investment, the future is!

Also, I believe that Policemen, (this includes the individuals which work the prisons and jails throughout our country) and Firemen are not paid enough. They risk their lives day in and day out, so that we may live in a violent free society. I feel that that is worth ALOT! If you don't think with a few one day! Just one day....I think you'll change your views. Or talk to someone that works in the Prison system or in a large city, about some of the hell that they have to go through on a daily basis.

I believe in Health Care for all....especially our Seniors.
(more to come)

I believe in Pro-Choice for every woman....
(more to come)

Personal info links
:the bisexual usenet group......great info, search engines, info links

Links for the East Coast as well as Illinois
Countypost Web Sight:An on-line paper for the county I grew up in...
Welcome to Glen Ellyn:Where we currently live...a great village...
Ocean City Fishing Center - Deep Sea...:Deep Sea fishing at its best...
Official Blue Angels Web Site:I grew up watching these guys perform every 4th of July.
A Celebration of Lights:See the Lighthouses of the Eastern Seaboard...
Maritime Museums:Visit the Maritime Museums of the Eastern Seaboard...

Brookfield Zoo:One of my favorite places to go
Cantigny:This place is matter what time of the year you go...
Door County:Where Ted E B and I spent our Ten Year Anniversary
Chicago:Where the Gerbils went on Thanksgiving...(if you look real close at the Hancock, you may see one of them) heeheehee....
The Field Museum:Another of my all time fav places to go and spend an entire day...

Pics of some of my favorite places...

Cousin Rick and his son, DRAGONSLAYER, Cousin Patrick, and Mom, Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C.

Fells Point, Maryland

Inner Harbor, Baltimore, Maryland

"Rocket Ray" and kat, Downtown Chicago

Nurse statue by The Wall, Washington D.C.

The Wall, Washington D.C.


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